Guidelines for all fans of Viking sports. Make sure you are up to date on the latest Covid guidelines for the 2021 Spring season.

Spring Sports Parents:

Games will be beginning soon for baseball, softball and soccer.   TSSAA still has Covid-19 restrictions in place until the end of this school year. 


  1.   When you arrive at other schools you can expect a temperature check and mask requirements.
  2.   Some schools will be selling tickets at the gate, but are requiring exact change.  Should be $5 at all locations.
  3.   Some schools are still selling tickets through the GoFan app.  If I know of a school still selling on GoFan, I will let you know ahead of time.   
  4.   All schools are going to request social distancing between family groups.  Read below from TSSAA  
  5.   Member schools will require that all fans wear facial coverings if within 6 feet of others and if using a projected voice within 15 feet of others at all times while on-site (except children under age 2) and maintain social distancing (six feet, or the equivalent of two empty seats between themselves and other fans) from anyone other than those living in the same household.
  6.    Most schools are going to have limited or no access to bleacher.  I recommend keeping your chairs in your vehicle just in case you need them.


  1. We will sell tickets at the gate for all spring sport games.
  2. There will be temperature checks at the gate and masks required to enter the gate.
  3. We do not plan on limiting crowds because there is plenty of room for you to spread out.
  4. Baseball and Softball- NO bleachers available.   Bring you chairs!!
  5. Soccer- Please follow the marked red areas on the bleachers.
  6. Please remember NO PARKING inside the football field gate on game days.
  7. NO PARKING on Doll Way for softball games.

Thank you,  looking forward to a great spring sports season


Shane Russell
Athletic Director

Fayette Academy


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