Campus Amenities

Featuring a learning center, working farm, and outdoor chapel
A beautiful 42-acre campus, Fayette Academy is abundant with community-wide amenities that are available for all divisions.

About the Campus

The FA campus is replete with learning opportunities and a place for reflection. In the fall of 2022, the Viking Academic Center opened. The VAC serves students in K-12 grades who qualify for academic assistance. Services include managing and updating each learner’s appropriate classroom accommodations as well as individual and small group instruction.

The FA working farm consists of Mary Margaret’s Garden and the Bee’s Bounty Garden. Garden-based activities run 12 months out of the year as hands-on-project-based learning for students in PK3-12. The Bee’s Bounty Garden is a prolific community and student-led gardening project that supports and supplies food for more than 30 families in the area.

The FA Outdoor Chapel–built and donated by Eagle Scout George VanDyke–is a worshipful place for gathering and reflection.

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Mary Margaret's Garden

The gardens are housed inside Mary Margaret’s Garden area and provide all students, PK3 -12, the opportunity for olericulture studies.
Bees Garden

Bee’s Bounty Garden

Bee’s Bounty is a community garden that provides jobs for students in the summer and a place for families, the elderly, and Fayette Cares’ families to receive fresh, clean food.
Teenage Boy With Problem Talking With Counselor At Home

Viking Academic Center

Mrs. Tasha Reeves, Director of the Viking Academic Center, is a licensed school psychologist who provides intervention planning, formal evaluations, individualized educational programs, and family support for students in K-12 grades who qualify for academic assistance.

Fayette Academy 24

Viking Outdoor Chapel

The Viking Outdoor Chapel is an outdoor space for gathering and reflection.

Support Fayette Academy

23-24 Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the philanthropic foundation of giving at Fayette Academy aimed at providing special resources for students and faculty that will support educational programs not covered by tuition alone.

Your contribution to the 2023-2024 Fayette Academy Annual Fund is more than just a donation; it’s an investment in the future of education. Every gift, regardless of its size, plays a crucial role in enriching our innovative curriculum, fostering a lifelong passion for learning among both students and faculty.

Past annual funds have supported campus enhancements, technology, STEM, athletics, and the arts.