Strategic Plan

Fayette Academy is a strategic organization that assesses growth, strength and improvement. In 2016 the Board of Trustees and administrative team formalized a new strategic plan that is the product of a thorough process of strategic and financial planning led by strategic planning consultants. This is a road map that has been followed and continues to guide decisions that align with our mission, goals and vision. 

The Board of Trustees works as four standing committees–finance, development, trustees and head support and evaluation;  reflecting the focus of each committee, the strategic plan is broken into four categories :

  1. Board
  2. Finance
  3. Advancement
  4. Academics

Strategic Plan Roadmap

  • Trustees and Commitment

    The Board of Trustees will approve and implement the strategic plan and work as four standing committees: Finance, Development, Trustees and Head Support and Evaluation.

  • Finance and Sustainability

    Practice budgetary discipline to ensure a yearly balanced budget and to devise a long-term strategy to eliminate accumulated debt and to build cash reserves.

  • Advancement

    Revise enrollment procedures. Establish advancement program and highlight enhancements that are achieved through annual giving.

  • Academic Excellence

    Enrich curriculum and provide learning support programs to attract and retain professionals in pursuit of excellence.