Fayette Academy Middle School STEM

Fayette Academy Middle School STEM


The bustling hub of young innovators at Fayette Academy’s middle school recently embarked on an electrifying journey into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Armed with the cutting-edge Teacher Geek Maker Cart materials, these ingenious students in Miss Terri’s STEM class dove headfirst into a project that was not only educational but also loads of fun.
Their mission? To craft a personal, motor-powered dragster that would move to the finish line, each individually striving to be the speediest finisher. What started as a collective effort quickly evolved into a dynamic race of creativity and ingenuity by having students actively engage in the Engineering Design Process.

Each student began by building a basic dragster. But this was just the beginning. Through testing and perseverance, they enhanced their creations, systematically battling friction. Some classes even ventured into the land of the extraordinary. The students took their dragsters beyond the realm of speed, customizing their vehicles to perform wheelies and mesmerizing donuts. It was as though science met showmanship in a spectacular collision of innovation.

In the end, the classroom was transformed into an exciting arena where these young minds harnessed the power of science and imagination, creating dragsters that were not just objects of engineering excellence but also of sheer entertainment. It was a journey that ignited their passion for STEM and showcased the boundless potential of their bright innovative spirits.“

-Mrs Terri Reeves

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